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I’ve been designing paper lamp shades since 2017, and it still amazes me how a simple piece of paper can be transformed into a sculpture by making a folding pattern. 

When I graduated from Art school, drawing and painting were my favorite mediums until I discovered "origami". Now my art is expressed in 3D by making intricate designs.


Three years ago, I launched my brand online while still living in Brazil. Now living in Texas, I'm debuting my new US  light sculpture shop.

Hope y'all enjoy!


 The designer, founder
and the "do 
it all” 

“Every new model is a shaping process that required a lot of experimentation until it achieves a final form.”

São Paulo, the city where I'm from, is loved for it's modern buildings, culture, and art.

An enlightening place for me was MuBE. I was fortunate enough to spend 12 years working among the marvelous exhibitions, modern architecture, and designs. The building had a huge impact on me and my style for clean lines, bold shapes, and modern designs.

Paulo Mendes da Rocha is a well-known Brazilian architect he is widely credited with having enhanced and revitalized the city of São Paulo including the MuBE - Brazilian Museum of Sculpture building.


the modern architecture of the building had a huge impact on me; my style for clean lines, bold shapes,
and modern design. 

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Another big influence in my life was meditation and silence retreats. The monastic calm and the monastic calm and the importance to focus only on the essentials have been reflected in my work.

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