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Unique arc-shaped this dimmable lamp is perfect as a decorative lamp for a desk, shelve, side table, or bedside. Made with a special pearlized paper in an original origami technic the ARC lamp wood base has a design full of angles that enhance the whole piece.

The modern Scandinavian-style table lamp is perfect for a side table, nursery room, boy or girl room, nightstand lamp, or even to light up that special place on the shelf. It was inspired by the Roman columns, due to the special paper it gives that warm and soft light that we all love.

PAPER SHADE - special UV/ULTRA pearlized paper pleated by hand with magnetic clamps and a metal ring. Without lighting the lampshade is opaque white. When it's lit it becomes translucent and the folds are extra staged.

BASE- made out of solid pine wood with a walnut stain and a matte finish. The unique design gives a floating impression, making it a more harmonious and contemporary look. 

LIGHT: 1 (one) light bulb included -  G9 LED Bulb Dimmable Warm White 3000K 3W 

SWITCH: Dimmable switch so you can set the mood that better suits your room.  

CLEANING: Gently use a duster or a dry and soft cloth. Do not wet the paper.

The lamp must be placed in a dry shade area, away from humidity and sun, which may damage the paper. 

W: 7.5 inches

H:  7.5 inches

L:   15 inches

Arc Table lamp

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